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    Sitra Event Planning and Furniture Rentals

    Event Planning Services

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    Event Planning | Corporate Events | Fundraisers | Themes Parties | Meetings | Office Parties | Weddings | And More

    Event Planning

    SITRA FURNITURE RENTALS is a full service special events and high-end Contemporary furniture rental company capable of coordinating your events - no matter what style or size. From movie sets to home staging to weddings, our Contempoary Lounge Furniture Rentals gives your event that clean modern look. we have diferent Lounge Furniture Rentals and also Modern Furniture Rentals.

    Our event planners will handle your event details from start to finish and ensure everything is planned and organized just the way you desire.

    Every client, whether a corporation or an engaged couple, wants a perfect event. However it is difficult to manage and coordinate the details of your event when the attention is all on you. Our goal is for you to be stress-free and enjoy your special event while we take care of the rest.

    We provide a wide variety of creative ideas and choices in the type of event you wish to host to ensure it fits your needs and style. We believe in making every event a one-of a kind memory.

    Our event planners are skilled in the following:

    - Event coordination
    - Vendor management
    - Project plan creation
    - Event itinerary creation
    - Risk and issue management
    - Flawless execution

    Events happen once so plan it the right way…your way. Planning, coordinating and managing the details of a special event can be daunting. Why leave anything to chance? Our professional event planners will coordinate, manage, and execute your special event perfectly.

    Trust your special event to SITRA EVENT PLANNING AND FURNITURE RENTALS while we plan and organize your dream wedding, important corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, showers, or any occasion that requires a professional touch to ensure things go just the way you planned.

    If you are looking at coordinating events, managing vendors, creating a project plan, creating an event itinerary, managing risks and issues and flawless execution of any event from start to finish you can entrust all your concerns to SITRA EVENT PLANNING AND FURNITURE RENTALS.

    Corporate Events

    These days very few jobs are 9 to 5, which can make it difficult to plan a corporate event – especially one that needs to be “The Perfect Corporate Event” because important clients are invited. Instead of shifting focus away from your daily job responsibilities, our talented event managers will provide coordination, execution, and management of every detail from start to finish.


    Fundraisers require a “wow factor” on a careful budget. SITRA EVENT PLANNING AND FURNITURE RENTALS is experienced in working with many levels of budgets. Our professional event planners will help you maximize your budget by suggesting furniture and décor items that will have all your guests delighted.

    Theme Parties

    SITRA FURNITURE RENTALS is different from other rental companies in that we manufacture most of our own items. As such, we love planning theme parties! Custom work is a specialty of ours and we love exercising our creative muscle with a great theme party.


    Meetings are no longer the boring classroom style events they once were. SITRA FURNITURE RENTALS high-end furniture will transform your boardroom into a luxury lounge reminiscent of a boutique hotel. Those investors will be too comfortable to pass up on your pitch!

    Office Parties

    Studies show that employees are more productive when they feel appreciated and enjoy their workplaces. No one wants to party in the sterile lunchroom they eat their lunch every day. SITRA FURNITURE RENTALS will transform that lunchroom with our high-end furniture and creative décor and you can show your employees how much you appreciate them!


    Your wedding is one of the most memorable days in your life! Trust the professionals at SITRA FURNITURE RENTALS to give you that polished luxury look you’ve been looking for. Your guests traveled great distances to celebrate with you – make sure they know how much you appreciate their support by giving them a comfortable place to sit!

    Movie Sets

    SITRA FURNITURE RENTALS makes most of our own furniture. This gives us the ability to turn around big jobs on short timelines – an invaluable tool when dealing with movie sets. Since we build our furniture with customization in mind – we can give a movie set multiple looks without having to strip down and re-dress the set every time. Anyone who works in film knows – time is money!


    Your wedding is one of the most memorable days in your life! Trust the professionals at SITRA FURNITURE RENTALS to give you that polished luxury look you’ve been looking for. Your guests traveled great distances to celebrate with you – make sure they know how much you appreciate their support by giving them a comfortable place to sit!


    SITRA FURNITURE RENTALS can speed up your house sale by giving you the extra edge needed in this market. Potential homebuyers can not visualize how to lay out an empty room and having the wrong furniture there can be just as bad. SITRA FURNITURE RENTALS will design your space so beautifully, you might not even want to sell!

    Interior Design Services

    You want your space to be current and contemporary, but also to reflect your own individual style and personality. This can often be overwhelming, but Sitra Furniture Rentals is here to provide direction, inspiration and expertise in any project, large or small. Whether you need complete interior design services for your home, business or office, or simply would like some advice and recommendations on styles and selections, call 416-513-0047 for a consultation.

    And more...

    SITRA FURNITURE RENTALS loves custom jobs. If your event doesn’t fit into one of the above categories – call us! Since we make most of our own inventory – we can customize our furniture and make your event in the exact image you’re looking for.



    Sitra Furniture Rentals – Event Planning Services in Toronto: Event Organizers and Rental Services for Red Runner Carpets, Sofas, AstroTurf Carpets, Tables, Bar Stools, Ottomans, Patio Umbrellas, Mannequins, and More


    Apart from renting out lavish modern furniture, our company also offers event planning solutions in Toronto for private parties, red carpet affairs, corporate celebrations, and other functions. Sitra Furniture Rentals can organize, plan, and execute the ideal event to host your most distinguished guests. From weddings and trade shows to film and home staging, we offer a complete listing of resources to bring together a completely spectacular and worry-free experience.


    Our planning services involve a carefully structured process that our team tailors to meet our client’s most specific requirements, budget, and demands. From our experience in some of Toronto’s most glamorous and luxurious events, we have put together solutions that cover every detail of an occasion. Clients will have all the opportunities to impress and dazzle guests without worrying about contingencies. We provide comprehensive coordination, vendor research and management, project plan creation, itinerary planning, as well as risk and issue organization.


    In addition to our services, our events are completed with our varying selection of contemporary furniture rentals that include sofas, dining tables, ottomans, bar, and bar stools. We also offer outdoor items such as umbrellas, planters, as well as miscellaneous pieces for special trade show like mannequins, runners, and AstroTurf carpets. Our team can likewise add a touch of exclusivity to the occasion with red carpets, stanchions with velvet ropes, and so much more.


    Sitra Furniture Rentals’ event planning solutions can expertly organize a wide range of high-end celebrations and exhibitions, among which include:

    • Corporate Events
    • Funraisers
    • Theme Parties
    • Meetings
    • Office Parties
    • Trade Fairs
    • Weddings
    • Anniversaries


    Apart from events, Sitra Furniture Rentals can also help coordinate home staging solutions for real estate and set design for film and television productions. With our elegant sofas, ottomans, runners, and coffee tables we can showcase the elegance of a residential space to appeal to the right buyers. Our AstroTurf carpets, mannequins, umbrellas and other miscellaneous items can provide a film or TV set with changing looks over a short period, saving production so much time and effort. We provide contemporary furniture, lighting, and accessories according to what our clients require and with our services, we complete the stage they need to achieve desired results.


    For inquiries and more information about our event planning services in Toronto, call Sitra Furniture Rentals at 416.513.0047 today.